From November to Mai

This is the perfect cruise to fully enjoy East Indonesia’s finest marine biodiversity. In this program we take you not only to dive the world famous Raja Ampat, but also to explore West Papua further south in Triton Bay in Kaimana district.

There are over 959 different kinds of coral fish and 471 known types of coral in this area. The other highlights include black coral forests, overflowing schools of sweetlips, vibrant macro lives, and a good chance to encounter whale sharks on “bagan”—the fishing platforms where these giants come to visit from time to time.

Raja ampat & triton bay


The sea water temperature is averaging around 28°C throughout the year.


Visibility in Misool and Triton Bay might change abruptly. Rarely exceeding 20 meters, it can get lower to less than 10 meters, especially after a lot of raining in Triton Bay.


 Some sites are subject to strong currents, but we always do our best to avoid diving in strong currents. However, on a number of sites in this cruise, a certain level of currents is necessary to attract interesting fish activities.


To Raja ampat & triton bay