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Jerome Doucet
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Maleo Cottages
Luwuk, Sulawesi, INDONESIA

The resort is now closed,
but you will find nearby
a very nice alternative at
Tompotika Dive Lodge

Maleo cottage is a small and family structure located close to Luwuk, Central Sulawesi, that offers accommodation and organizes diving cruise, sailing cruises, treks, and any excursion or trip you would like to do.
banggai islands Luwuk Banggai area, in the east of Central Sulawesi, offers a lot to discover, either on land or at sea. It is not a “tourist” place, but more for those who enjoy tranquillity, nature and original culture of Indonesia. We offer treks in the inside lands rainforest mountains, diving cruise in Togian and Banggai Islands, sailing cruises, and virtually any excursion or expedition you would like us to organize for you.
Daily flights from major towns of Sulawesi including Manado and Makassar, easy access to Togian or Banggai Islands, make it a good place to visit during a trip to Sulawesi.

A place for travellers

Maleo Cottages, constituted of a guest house and 3 cottages on a hill in front of the sea, is located 15 kms from the small town of Luwuk and close to the airport. It is located at 5 hours from Ampana by car.
You will enjoy a friendly hospitality by an Indonesian-french family ready to help you in any aspect of your trip in Sulawesi. Flight or boat bookings, car rental, transfer to Togian islands, boat charter etc..


The inside land

The inside land of the peninsula reach elevation of more than 2000 meters and is still covered with a lot of primary forest. We propose a trek to waterfalls that last 4 days, but there are many other possibilities for shorter or longer excursions including treks in the sanctuary lands of Kahumamaon remote tribes, or short and easy nature walks in the surroundings.
From Luwuk you can also access to Morowalli reserve: 5 hours car to Baturube, then 8 hours boat to Kolonedale.


Dive the Islands

Our operation Wallacea Dive Cruise offers cruises on a regular Schedule in North Sulawesi area, on the MV Paisubatu . The program includes Lembeh starit, Bangka islands, Bunaken and Sangihe archipelago. We also can organize custom dive cruises in Togian and Banggai islands for charter trips.