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Maleo Cottages
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Togian islands

Togian islands are located in the large Tomini bay, and are wonderful for divers and snorkelers. There are 2 resorts on Kadidiri, the Paradise and the Black marlin, as well as one resort in Bomba. Those 3 resorts offer diving. The islands are still forested; Malenge offer small excursions to see monkeys and wild pigs, and has basic resorts. In front of the village of Katupat, on the island of Bolelangan, another small resort (basic, no diving, snorkeling).


How to get there:
From Luwuk, you first have to go to Ampana (7 hours by daily bus, starts at noon, or 5 hours by a charter car), spend the night there, then take a public boat to Bomba or Wakai. (Bomba resort can takes you by speed boat in Ampana so chartering a car from Luwuk you can do it on one day)



Banggai islands

Banggai islands have no resort or any kind of tourist infrastructure. The archipelago is constituted of a few main islands and a myriad of islets. There are a few basic losemens in the village of Banggai.There, you can rent motorbike to visit the Banggai islands (one day) that has fantastic beaches on the east coast,or some outriggers to visit the nearest islands. Good snorkelling in Monsonan bay where you can see the Banggai Cardinal fishes, a beautiful endemic fish. There are public boat to Bangkulu island, and you can stay in the village of Lantibung where the inhabitants will offer you hospitality. From there charter an outriggers to the surrounding islets of Katini and Siceh.
katini island


island people
How to get there:
Passengers boat every day . Departures at night and arrives at early morning in Banggai village. Pelni boats from Bitung to Makassar also reach Banggai. We can also organize the charter of a local boat from Luwuk for a few days cruise.



A raid on the coast or to the islands

Our 15 feet catamaran is a more radical approach for a raid to the islands or along the main coast.The boat can be towed to a departure point in Banggai or Togian to avoid a long crossing. We can also pick it from a determined arrival point. We customize the tour together with you according to the time you have, the places you like to visit, expected winds, etc. We provide you with a few basic items: a chart, a tent, waterproof bags, a few food items, and you are by your own.


The basic rental rate of the catamaran is $45/day, but the total price will depend on what additional service the customer wish (towing the boat to departure point, providing food, arrival point, etc. ). Please consult us and letís build your tour.
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the cottages
the islands
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